Supervisor: Prof. Agus Sasmito
My Ph.D. research discussed the thermal and hydraulic aspects associated with the AGF process. The framework of the study comprised the contribution of building a lab-scale experimental rig, unique to Canada, that mimics the AGF system under various operating parameters and the development of a mathematical model that illustrates the multi-phase heat transfer and fluid mechanics associated with the AGF process. The lab-scale experiment has been developed with the intention of examining the AGF process under various operating conditions. The rig was also used to demonstrate the proof-of-concept of a novel practice of the freezing-on-demand (FoD). Furthermore, a mathematical model has been developed and validated to examine the impact of implementing the FoD technique on the energy consumption of the AGF system. The FoD showed a significant drop in energy consumption by up to 40%. My Ph.D. research has been used by many researchers as a benchmark and stimulated further work from research groups in Japan, China, and France.